ACMP Asian Consortium on MRI studies in Psychosis


  • Recently, international collaborations on MRI studies in psychosis have been successful.
  • However, a lot of issues remain unresolved, which include:
    • There have been still few candidate biomarkers in patients with first-episode schizophrenia to index the long-term prognoses.
    • Although cortical/subcortical volumetric change around the onset of psychosis has been evident, it remains unknown whether the change would be attributable to chronicity of illness or long-term exposure to medication, or the illness course itself .
  • Since relationships between research and clinical departments are relatively closer in Asian countries, one advantage of the Consortium may be that to obtain follow-up MRI scans along with longitudinal clinical assessment is easier.
  • Another strength may be that similar ethnic background may increase the statistical power.
  • The other issue would be that MRI characteristics of patients with psychosis, such as left-right asymmetry may be different across ethnicities, cultures, and languages. Thus, findings from Asian countries are increasingly important in individualizing biomarker for psychosis.

Framework of the consortium

Framework Image

List of institutions and researchers

  • South Korea
    CHA Bundang Medical Center
    Sang-Hyuk Lee
    Minji Bang
    Chonbuk National University Hospital
    Young Chul Chung
    Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
    Euitae Kim
    Seoul National University Hospital
    *Jun Soo Kwon
    *Kang-ik Cho
    Minah Kim
    Tae Young Lee
    Yonsei University Severance Hospital
    Suk Kyoon An
  • China
    Peking University Sixth Hospital
    Chengcheng Pu
    Xin Yu
    Shanghai Key Laboratory of Psychotic Disorders
    *Jijun Wang
    Sichuan University(Huaxi MR Research Center)
    *Qiyong Gong
    *Su Lui
  • Taiwan
    National Cheng Kung University Hospital
    Huai-Hsuan Tseng
    *Yen Kuang Yang
    National Taiwan University Hospital
    Chen-Chung Liu
    Tzung-Jeng Hwang
    Wen-Yih Tseng

    Po-Han Cho
  • Japan
    Kyushu University Hospital
    Toshiaki Onitsuka
    Yoji Hirano
    Tohoku University Hospital
    Kazunori Matsumoto
    Atsushi Sakuma
    Toyama University Hospital
    *Michio Suzuki
    Mikio Kido
    Tsutomu Takahashi
    University of Tokyo Hospital
    Daisuke Koshiyama
    *Kiyoto Kasai
    Kentaro Morita
    Naohiro Okada
    *Shinsuke Koike

* : Executive committee members are marked with an asterisk
(List of members as of April 2019)